‘Art’ and ‘Landscape’ in symbiosis produce emotion, a “fe- eling” that goes beyond the boundaries of the individual; the idea is to put at the center the system of relationships between man and his territory.

A landscape that has been artistically elaborated, stimu- lates the ability to observe, leads to a renewed vision of the world, gives value to the natural and brings one clo- ser to the scientific thinking that was proper to Leonardo (scientist and artist, who humbly defined himself as “omo sanza lettere”), the result of direct experience, the extra- ordinary ability to observe the metabolic phenomena of life and to memorize its matrices.

Arte nel Paesaggio features two contemporary art exhibi- tions in two symbolic places in the Barberino Tavarnelle area, two domes immersed in the landscape:

Loris Cecchini’s site-specific installation Waterbones at the Chianti Observatory (OPC), San Donato in Poggio.

Evelien La Sud’s exhibition Semifonte, Landscape Heritage Park at the Chapel of St. Michael Archangel, Semifonte.