Random International collaborated with Particle to create the digital layer of their exhibitions during Noor Riyadh, the largest art festival in the world. Hundreds of artists were invited to Saudi Arabia to illuminate the city with spectacular and immersive works of art. Random International participated by showcasing "Living Room" and "When Tomorrow Comes".

Thanks to the Particle app, visitors were able to delve deeper into the discovery of hidden aspects of the artworks, conveyed through multimedia and simple storytelling. The promotional coasters of the event served as a gateway to augmented reality animations inspired by "Living Room", allowing playful interaction with the artwork. Those who couldn't attend Riyadh in person to enjoy the luminous spectacle could still appreciate the works of Random International from home, and the digital level of the experience will remain active on Particle even after the event concludes.

"Living Room" is an immersive installation where space is a sentient being revealed through light and fog. Visitors' presence triggers unpredictable responses, tracked by sensors for the creation of unique NFT records. "When Tomorrow Comes" digitally simulates diverse flocking organisms. The installation invites viewers to immerse themselves in the flock, influencing real-time responses and delving into the emotional connection between humans and artificial entities.