On its mission to develop sustainable and engagement-driven innovation in the cultural sector, Particle is pushing the boundaries of traditional paper magazine together with the independent Italian editor Sali e Tabacchi Journal.

Thanks to Particle, the Editor in Chief and Creative Director of Sali e Tabacchi Journal have been experimenting with innovative digital tools to create a multi-sensorial experience linked to their latest issue, Riv.04:Voce. Despite of its theme, strongly attached to oral traditions, languages, and oral expressions, the paper magazine only offers a “silent” medium of communication, through textual and visual elements. With Particle, the audio and video dimension was added, paired with an active and immersive system of interaction with the magazine itself. The paper pages are enriched with behind-the-scenes contents, music from across Italy and exclusive stories told directly by the voice of the Editor in Chief. The Particle app collects all the contents, offering a digital repository for all the exclusive content linked to the magazine. Moreover thanks to the application of image recognition and augmented reality technologies, Readers can directly scan the pages of the magazine with the Particle app to immerse into the behind-the-scenes glimpses of the articles and complement their stories.

“Thanks to Particle, the magazine is vibrant and dynamic. We constantly updated the contents and interactions on the platforms to keep the magazine’s digital layer always active, engaging readers after they purchase the magazine and encouraging them to learn more about Sali e Tabacchi Journal editorial project.”
Elisa Carassai, Editor in Chief Sali e Tabacchi Journal