Sostenibilità is Particle’s second interconnected ecosystem exploring the global theme of sustainability and its common threads across industries and different communities. At present, the exhibition has three types of advocates for sustainability – digital artists, designers, and university students. Each discipline brings a unique sensitivity and practice to foster collaborations giving rise to three distinct projects: the Social Furniture design competition, the Veleni design collection and its exhibition, and a digital art exhibition exploring human-to-machine relationships.

The fil rouge across the above projects and nascent projects is their exploration of climate change. The perceptual experiences around the projects coalesce into a more complete context and understanding of sustainability.

Sostenibilità envisions a conversational framework between art, design, government, academia, business and science, fostered and enriched by a series of talks as a public program supported by the Italian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Developed by Particle with the support of the Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur, Social Furniture is a design competition that calls for new ideas to rethink how waste plastic canbe reshaped into social furniture using circular design thinking. The competition is free to enter for students and recent alumni from any country in the world and has a total prize money of €6,500.

It is open for registration until the 15th of November 2021. The 10 best proposals will be published and promoted in the Sostenibilita’ project. 3 projects will start a design refinement process with the support of the designer duo L+W and the tech partner Sculptur as mentors.

Within the larger ecosystem of Sostenibilità, Social Furnitures aims at raising the voice of young designers on the sustainability issue, offering opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges and international project exposure.

Visualize the pollutants produced by our lives and by our system to make ourselves aware of our impact on Earth.

Coming soon...

What would we like to sustain and for whom?

A digital art group exhibition. Coming soon...